Sexchat with a bot

On the topic of oral sex, Planned Parenthood’s liberal sex bot advises these young teens to use condoms or “dental dams,” while urging regular testing to make oral sex “way safer” and “more fun.” This AI sex bot never even seems to consider suggesting abstinence as a great way to keeping oneself STD free. What a relief to know no one gets hurt or injured during an abortion — well, except for the baby that’s being killed.

King County (in Seattle) attorney Val Richey told Lee the internet has led to dramatic growth in the prostitution marketplace.

Microsoft's "Tay" social media "AI" experiment has gone awry in a turn of events that will shock absolutely nobody.

The Redmond chatbot had been set up in hopes of developing a personality similar to that of a young woman in the 18-24 age bracket.

Hey everyone, So, for the past 2 weeks I have been getting random bot accounts joining my Discord server and posting sexual content (I. Unfortunately this is a public server and I enjoy everyones company.

What are best practices or Bots that can help out to moderate these type messages that they post and ban these bots on sight?

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