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Carpenter (admiral), Charles Coffin Harris, Charles Cutts, Charles Fleetford Sise, Charles H. Peaslee, Charles Hastings Judd, Charles Hawkins (Medal of Honor), Charles Hovey (naval officer), Charles M.

Dale, Charles Morris (naval officer), Charles Robert Sanger, Charles Russell Lowell Sr., Charles Tersolo, Charlestown, Boston, Charlie Howard (murder victim), Charming Sally (1779 ship), Chase family, Cherry blossom, Chester G.

Leavitt, Laurentide Ice Sheet, Lawrence Kolb, Lazy river, League of American Bicyclists, Leary Field, Levi Woodbury, LGBT rights in New Hampshire, Lisa A. Routes in New Hampshire, List of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist churches, List of United States Air Force installations, List of United States federal courthouses in New Hampshire, List of United States major third party presidential tickets (1789–1860), List of United States Numbered Highways, List of United States presidential electors, 2008, List of United States presidential electors, 2012, List of United States submarines designated as memorials, List of United States urban areas, List of university hospitals, List of US Navy ships sunk or damaged in action during World War II, List of USCAA institutions, List of Veterans Affairs medical facilities, List of Veterans Affairs medical facilities by state, List of water parks, List of waterscapes by Frank Weston Benson, List of Whaling Walls, List of words derived from toponyms, List of works by Joseph Blackburn, List of ZIP code prefixes, Little Bay Bridge, Little League World Series (New England Region), Liverpool Packet, Local Media Group, Locations in the United States with an English name, Lonza Group, Lore (podcast), Lorenzo Sitgreaves, Lost Boundaries, Louisa Morton Greene, Lovell Lake, Loyalist (American Revolution), Lucie Arnaz, Lucy Evelina Metcalf Akerman, Lucy Flower, Lynde D. Ham, Mark Wentworth House, Marshall Dodge, Marshwood High School, Martello tower, Martha Fuller Clark, Martha Washington, Mary Dumont, Massachusetts Route 109, Massachusetts Route 128, Massachusetts Route 16, Massachusetts Route 225, Massachusetts Route 2A, Massachusetts Route 30, Massachusetts Route 3A, Massachusetts Route 9, Maurice J. Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Alexander Vandegrift · See more »Alfred Langdon Elwyn (9 July 1804 – 15 March 1884) was a nonpracticing physician, an author, a philanthropist and a pioneer in the training and care of mentally disabled in the US.

Barnett, List of 2017 March for Science locations, List of 2017 Women's March locations, List of 2018 Women's March locations, List of airports by IATA code: P, List of airports by ICAO code: K, List of airports in New Hampshire, List of Allegiant Air destinations, List of alternative weekly newspapers, List of Amtrak stations, List of amusement parks in New England, List of amusement parks in the Americas, List of Baptist churches, List of bridges in the United States, List of burial places of Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, List of bus transit systems in the United States, List of capitals in the United States, List of cemeteries in the United States, List of cities and towns in New Hampshire, List of city name changes, List of colleges and universities in New Hampshire, List of colonial governors of New Hampshire, List of concert halls, List of conflicts in British America, List of craters on Mars: O–Z, List of current U. state legislators, List of dams and reservoirs in New Hampshire, List of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives episodes, List of drum corps, List of Empire ships (D), List of eponyms of airports, List of equestrian statues in the United States, List of ESPN Radio affiliates, List of ethnic enclaves in North American cities, List of extreme clippers, List of FBI field offices, List of first women mayors, List of FM radio stations in the United States by call sign (initial letters WA–WC), List of FM radio stations in the United States by call sign (initial letters WG–WJ), List of FM radio stations in the United States by call sign (initial letters WQ–WS), List of future Interstate Highways, List of Ghost Hunters episodes, List of high schools in New Hampshire, List of Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks, List of historical ships in British Columbia, List of historical sources for pink and blue as gender signifiers, List of hospitals in New Hampshire, List of Interstate Highways in Maine, List of Interstate Highways in New Hampshire, List of Irish-American communities, List of islands of Maine, List of Italian-American neighborhoods, List of Joan Baez concerts, List of landscapes by Frank Weston Benson, List of Man v. Mc Cormick, Lynn station, Lynnfield, Massachusetts, Lynx (tall ship), Mac Pheadris–Warner House, Madbury, New Hampshire, Maine State Route 101, Maine State Route 103, Maine State Route 16, Maine State Route 236, Maine State Route 4, Maine–New Hampshire men's ice hockey rivalry, Man v. Food Nation, March for Our Lives, Marcus Davis, Margaritas (restaurant), Marine Corps Recruiting Command, Mark F. Murphy Jr., May 1929, May 1939, Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, MBTA Commuter Rail, Meldrim Thomson Jr., Melissa Scott, Mellon family, Memorial Bridge (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), Memorial Stadium (Kent State), Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, Michael D' Antonio, Mid-February 2014 North American winter storm, Milton (CDP), New Hampshire, Milton Selzer, Mirage Studios, Miss New Hampshire, Miss USA 2017, Moe's Italian Sandwiches, Moffatt-Ladd House, Monroe, New Hampshire, Mount Washington College, Murder of Michael Briggs, Music of New Hampshire, My Ghost Story, Mysteries at the Monument, Nanepashemet, Napoleon J. Dana, Nashua Manufacturing Company Historic District, Nat Baldwin, Nathaniel Appleton Haven, Nathaniel Folsom, Nathaniel Greene (journalist), Nathaniel Meserve, Nathaniel Upham, National Network, National Postal Transport Association, National Register of Historic Places listings in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, National Response Plan, National Visa Center, Nehemiah Partridge, Nellie Mathes Horne, Nelson, New Hampshire, Nevers' 2nd Regiment Band, New Castle Congregational Church, New Castle, New Hampshire, New England city and town area, New England Greyhound Lines, New England road marking system, New England Rugby Football Union, New Hampshire, New Hampshire Air National Guard, New Hampshire Army National Guard, New Hampshire Bank Building, New Hampshire communities by household income, New Hampshire gubernatorial election, 2012, New Hampshire gubernatorial election, 2016, New Hampshire gubernatorial election, 2018, New Hampshire Highway System, New Hampshire House of Representatives, New Hampshire Public Radio, New Hampshire Route 101, New Hampshire Route 108, New Hampshire Route 16, New Hampshire Route 1A, New Hampshire Route 33, New Hampshire Route 43, New Hampshire Route 9, New Hampshire Senate, New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places, New Hampshire Supreme Court, New Hampshire Wing Civil Air Patrol, New London, New Hampshire, Newark and New York Railroad, Newark Bay, Newbury, Massachusetts, Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank, Newburyport station, Newburyport, Massachusetts, Newington Center Historic District, Newington Railroad Depot, Newington, New Hampshire, Newspaper endorsements in the United States presidential primaries, 2008, NH RSA Title LXIII, NHTI, Concord's Community College, Nichinan, Miyazaki, Nitro Security, No Holds Bard, Norfolk County, Massachusetts Colony, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, North American Vexillological Association, North Church (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), Northern Railroad (New Hampshire), Northway Bank, Northwest Passage (film), Northwest Passage (novel), Northwood, New Hampshire, Nutter-Rymes House, Odiorne Point State Park, Off Limits (TV series), Ola Elizabeth Winslow, Old New Hampshire, Old North Cemetery (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), Oliver F. Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Alfred Thompson Bricher · See more »Vice Admiral Allan Rockwell Mc Cann, (September 20, 1896 – February 22, 1978) was a United States Navy officer who served in World War I and World War II.

Osborne, Chester, New Hampshire, Chowdown Countdown, Christine Ladd-Franklin, Christopher Helme, Circa Survive, Clarke & Howe, Clement Storer, Clifton Clagett, Coastal warning display tower, Community College System of New Hampshire, Conrad Mandsager, Conway Lake, Conway, New Hampshire, Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation, Country News Club, Craig Benson, Crawford family of the White Mountains, Crawford Notch, Crisfield, Maryland, CSS Shenandoah, Cuisine of New England, Cumulus Media, Daniel D. Warren Clark, East Coast Greenway, East–West Highway (New England), Eastern Nazarene College, Eastport, Maine, Edgar G. Tarbell, Edmund Kelly, Edmund March Blunt, Edmund Roberts (diplomat), Edward Gerhard, Edward Godfrey (politician), Edward Henry Durell, Edward St. Splaine, James Sheafe, James Sullivan (governor), James Thomas Fields, James Wood Bush, Jane Blalock, Jane Blalock v. Route 4 in New York, United Kingdom–United States relations, United States Army Recruiting Command, United States gubernatorial elections, 2018, United States House of Representatives elections in New Hampshire, 2016, United States House of Representatives elections in New Hampshire, 2018, United States Housing Corporation, United States Navy, United States presidential election in New Hampshire, 2008, United States Senate election in New Hampshire, 2016, United States Senate elections, 2008, United States Senate elections, 2016, United States Submarine Veterans, Inc., Urban Forestry Center, Uriel Sebree, USC&GS Discoverer (1918), USC&GS Pioneer (1918), USCGC Argo (WPC-100), USRC Gallatin (1871), USS Admiral (SP-541), USS Admiral (SP-967), USS Aileen (1896), USS Alabama (BB-8), USS Albacore (AGSS-569), USS Albacore (SS-218), USS Albert Gallatin (1871), USS Alert (SP-511), USS Aloha (SP-317), USS Alvarado (1895), USS America (1782), USS Angler, USS Annapolis (PG-10), USS Arkansas (1863), USS Aspro (SS-309), USS Atakapa (ATF-149), USS Atik (AK-101), USS Auk (AM-38), USS Barracuda (SS-163), USS Bermuda (1861), USS Blue Light, USS Boston (1777), USS Carter, USS Choctaw (1898), USS Colorado (1856), USS Congress (1868), USS Constitution, USS Cormorant (AM-40), USS Cusabo, USS Cutlass (SS-478), USS Dacotah, USS Dahlgren (TB-9), USS De Soto (1859), USS Decatur (1839), USS Des Moines (CL-17), USS Detroit (C-10), USS Diver (ARS-5), USS Dolphin (PG-24), USS Dolphin (SS-169), USS Dragonet (SS-293), USS Drum (SS-228), USS Dubuque (PG-17), USS Ethan Allen (1859), USS Falcon (AM-28), USS Flounder, USS Franklin (1815), USS Frolic (1892), USS Galatea (SP-714), USS Galena (1862), USS Galena (1880), USS Gar (SS-206), USS George W.

Badger, Daniel Fowle (printer), Daniel Innis, Daniel Marcy, Daniel Pinkham House, Daniel Waldron, Daniel Webster, David Farragut, David Mc Gregore, David Thompson (New Hampshire settler), Deaths in February 2016, Deerfield, New Hampshire, Defunct placenames of New Hampshire, Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016, Demographics of New England, Dick Scott (left-handed pitcher), Dieudonné Costes, Don't Back Down (album), Dorothy Quincy, Drake's Regiment of Militia, Drown (surname), Drowne, Dudley Dudley (politician), Dudley Leavitt (minister), Dummer's War, Dummer, New Hampshire, Durham (CDP), New Hampshire, Durham–UNH station, E. Loe Livermore, Eileen Foley, Elaine Macmann Willoughby, Elbridge Gerry (Maine), Eldredge Public Library, Eleanor Hallowell Abbott, Elijah Hall, Elijah Locke House, Eliot, Maine, Eliphaz Dow, Elisha T. Sanger, George Robert Twelves Hewes, George Rogers House (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), George Vaughan (New Hampshire), German submarine U-1105, German submarine U-1228, German submarine U-2513, German submarine U-3008, German submarine U-805, German submarine U-889, Gilmanton, New Hampshire, Glasite, Go Antiques, Golden Age of Radio (album), Google Street View in the United States, Government of New Hampshire, Governor John Langdon House, Governors Island (Lake Winnipesaukee), Grace Helbig, Granite State College, Great Bay (New Hampshire), Great Bay Community College, Great Boston fire of 1872, Great Northern Paper Company, Greenland, New Hampshire, Gulf of Maine, Guy Fawkes Night, Hal Simms, Hamilton House (South Berwick, Maine), Hampton (CDP), New Hampshire, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, Hampton Bridge, Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, Harbor Defenses of Boston, Harbor Defenses of Portsmouth, Harl Pease, Harold E. Peirce, Highway revolts in the United States, Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2016, Hillary Clinton presidential primary campaign, 2008, Historical United States Census totals for Rockingham County, New Hampshire, History of Maine, History of New Hampshire, History of the Jews in Colonial America, HMS Boston, HMS Canceaux (1764), HMS Liverpool (1758), HMS Padstow Bay (K608), Hoarding: Buried Alive, Homer Bigart, Homer C. Williams Beal, Sons, Jack Taylor (skier), Jackie Evancho concert tours, Jackson Hill, Jersey City, Jaclyn Hales, Jacob Zeilin, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, James E. Ladies Professional Golf Association, Jane Lippitt Patterson, Jared Bell Waterbury, Jarid Siegel, Jean Kasem, Jean-Jacques Ambert, Jeremiah Hart House, Jeremiah Mason, Jeremy Belknap, Joe Public Films, John Ashton (architect), John Bernard Delany, John Crockett House, John Cummings Howell, John Cutt, John D. Sununu, John Haley Bellamy, John Hart (soldier), John Hart House (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), John Howland, John Hughes (Pennsylvania politician), John J. Ingram (DE-62), USS Grampus (SS-207), USS Grampus (SS-523), USS Grayback (SS-208), USS Grebe (AM-43), USS Gridley (DD-92), USS Grouse (AMS-15), USS Guard (1857), USS Guerriere (1865), USS Haddock (SS-231), USS Halibut (SS-232), USS Hazel (AN-29), USS Henry Janes (1861), USS Howard W.

Tilton, Freewill Baptist Church-Peoples Baptist Church-New Hope Church, Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, Futures Collegiate Baseball League, Ganges (clipper), Gay Bride of Frankenstein, General Porter House, Geoff Useless, Geology of New Hampshire, George (lobster), George Alfred Joy Ricker, George Balch, George Ernest Morrison, George F. Rand, John Langdon (politician), John Lord (historian), John M. Scott, USS New Hampshire (1864), USS New Hampshire (SSN-778), USS Newton (ID-4306), USS Nightingale (1851), USS O-10 (SS-71), USS O-3 (SS-64), USS O-4 (SS-65), USS O-6 (SS-67), USS O-7 (SS-68), USS O-8 (SS-69), USS O-9 (SS-70), USS Ontario (AT-13), USS Osprey (AM-29), USS Paducah (PG-18), USS Panther (1889), USS Pennsylvania (ACR-4), USS Penobscot (1861), USS Peoria (1863), USS Permit (SS-178), USS Plymouth (1867), USS Portsmouth (1798), USS Portsmouth (1843), USS Portsmouth (CL-102), USS Portsmouth (SSN-707), USS Providence (1776 frigate), USS Puffin (AMc-29), USS R-10 (SS-87), USS R-18 (SS-95), USS R-21 (SS-98), USS R-27 (SS-104), USS R-5 (SS-82), USS R-7 (SS-84), USS R-9 (SS-86), USS Raleigh (1776), USS Raleigh (C-8), USS Ranger (1777), USS Rattlesnake (1813), USS Raven (AM-55), USS Reedbird (AMS-51), USS Reina Mercedes (IX-25), USS Roebuck (1856), USS S-2 (SS-106), USS S-4 (SS-109), USS S-49 (SS-160), USS S-50 (SS-161), USS S-6 (SS-111), USS Sabine (1855), USS Sailfish (SS-192), USS Saipan (CVL-48), USS Salmon (SS-182), USS San Francisco (C-5), USS San Jacinto (1850), USS Sand Lance (SSN-660), USS Santee (1855), USS Saratoga (1842), USS Sargo (SS-188), USS Sawfish, USS Sculpin (SS-191), USS Sea Leopard (SS-483), USS Sea Owl (SS-405), USS Sea Poacher, USS Sea Robin (SS-407), USS Seal (SS-183), USS Sealion (SS-315), USS Seawolf (SS-197), USS Seawolf (SSN-575), USS Sebago (1861), USS Shawmut (1863), USS Sirago (SS-485), USS Snapper (SS-185), USS Southery (IX-26), USS Spikefish (SS-404), USS Sterling (1898), USS Sutton (DE-771), USS Swan (AM-34), USS T. Ward (1861), USS Tacoma (CL-20), USS Tacony (1863), USS Tallapoosa (1863), USS Tappahannock (AO-43), USS Tautog (SS-199), USS Tennessee (ACR-10), USS Thresher (SS-200), USS Thresher (SSN-593), USS Tigrone (SS-419), USS Tioga (1862), USS Tom Bowline (1814), USS Toro (SS-422), USS Torsk, USS Trapper (ACM-9), USS Trepang (SSN-674), USS Tringa (ASR-16), USS Triton (SS-201), USS Tullibee (SSN-597), USS Tuna (SS-203), USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37), USS Tuscarora (1861), USS Vanadis (AKA-49), USS Vandalia (1828), USS Vanderbilt (1862), USS Venture (SP-616), USS Vixen (PG-53), USS Vulcan (AC-5), USS Wabash (1855), USS Wamsutta (1853), USS Wandank (AT-26), USS Warren (1775), USS Washington (ACR-11), USS Wasp (1814), USS Whale (SS-239), USS Wheeling (PG-14), USS Wilhoite (DE-397), USS William J. Haddock, William Gates (soldier), William Hale (politician), William Harrison Folsom, William Harwar Parker, William Johnston (painter), William Ladd, William M. Damrell, William Whipple, Wilson Lake (Maine), Windjammer (1958 film), Witch of the Wave, WMUR-TV, WNHI, WNHT (TV), WOKQ, Wolfeboro Centre Community Church, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Woodbury Langdon, World Unity Conference, WPKX (AM), WPLA (AM), WQSO, WROR-FM, WSCA-LP, WTBU (FM), WUNH, WWJE-DT, WXEX-FM, WXGR-LP, WXRV, Yankee Small College Conference, Zack Conroy, ZIP Code, 133d Air Refueling Squadron, 157th Air Refueling Wing, 1630, 1790 United States Census, 1800 United States Census, 1804 Snow hurricane, 1809 in architecture, 1810 United States Census, 1820 United States Census, 1830 United States Census, 1840 United States Census, 1850 United States Census, 1962 Atlantic hurricane season, 1980s in comics, 1984 in comics, 1st New Hampshire Heavy Artillery Volunteer Regiment, 2002 Little League World Series qualification, 2004 Little League World Series qualification, 2006 Little League World Series, 2006 Little League World Series qualification, 2006 Little League World Series results, 2007 Little League World Series qualification, 2009 Little League World Series qualification, 2010 Little League World Series qualification, 2012 in radio, 2012 NPSL season, 2012–13 Oxford United F. season, 2014 in American television, 2014 in radio, 2014 Maryland Terrapins baseball team, 2014 NPSL season, 2018 NPSL season, 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, 304th Infantry Regiment (United States), 8-inch M1888.Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Bashka Paeff · See more »The Battle of Hampden was an action in the British campaign to conquer present-day Maine and remake it into the colony of New Ireland during the War of 1812.Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Battle of Hampden · See more »Bavarian Autosport is the trade name of Bavarian Auto Service, Inc., an award-winning mail-order and internet retailer of replacement parts, upgrades and accessories for BMW and MINI automobiles.Theodore Atkinson Jr., Portsmouth (disambiguation), Portsmouth Academy building, Portsmouth and Concord Railroad, Portsmouth Athenæum, Portsmouth Christian Academy, Portsmouth Company Cotton Mills: Counting House, Portsmouth Cottage Hospital, Portsmouth Downtown Historic District, Portsmouth High School (New Hampshire), Portsmouth International Airport at Pease, Portsmouth Naval Prison, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth Public Library (New Hampshire), Portsmouth Traffic Circle, Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroad, Portsmouth, Virginia, Poulos v. reseller based in the United States or Canada which offered its line of hardware and software, service, and support for branded products, and was designated as Specialist by the manufacturer.New Hampshire, Powder Alarm, Premier Development League, Prescott Park (New Hampshire), Presidency of George Washington, Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, Prince Whipple, Professor Martens' Departure, Prometheus Radio Project, Province of New Hampshire, Provincial troops in the French and Indian Wars, Pulpit Rock Tower, Queen Anne's War, Quince, Raid on Salmon Falls, Raid on York (1692), Railway Mail Association, Ralph Leavitt, Ramones covers album series, Rampid Interactive, Randolph Zane, Raymond Flynn, Raymond Harry Brown, Raymond, New Hampshire, Red Rover (clipper), Redhook Ale Brewery, Richard A. Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Arthur Browne (1756–1805) · See more »Rear Admiral Asa Walker (1845-1916) was a career officer in the United States Navy in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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