Spain dating etiquette

Branch out and allow locals you trust to show you restaurants, shops and other local gems.

When making new friends or ordering coffee, don’t be afraid to use your knowledge of Spanish (no matter how little) as a way to show respect for the culture.

Shops could be closed anywhere from 12 PM until 5 PM so the owners can eat their main meals of the day or even take a nap.

Dining Spain has some strict etiquette when it comes to eating, and you should familiarize yourself before you depart.

However, there are still some parts of Spain where there is more of a machismo culture and/or where men are dominant.

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In this blog series, we’ll provide some simple etiquette tips for popular study abroad destinations.

If you’re invited to someone’s home for dinner, bring a small gift like flowers, chocolates or wine.

The invited guest will usually be seated at the head of the table with the host at either side.

Punctuality and Timing Punctuality and timing are quite different from what most people in the U. Also, meal times are often on a much different schedule.

Lunch takes place between - PM and usually no earlier.

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