Speed dating for musicians

Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of composer-performer speed dating.This is the second such event that Frederickson has organized and he said his main takeaways from watching two sessions have been about social dynamics.

Instead of two violins, a viola and a cello, a chamber group might have a piano, trumpet, flute and a few strings.The professional speed dating session gives an opportunity for local artists and professionals (visual artists, performers, musicians, sound art producers, designers, etc) to meet and present their work to arts organisations, festivals and independent curators from all over Europe.Participants will have 8 minutes per “date” to present their work before moving on to the next representative. “I think as composers we don't have the impulse to try and boil down what we do,” he said.“Here though, the artifice of only having three minutes meant I had to talk to the next person no matter who they are.

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