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Work had been more than hectic, his boss on his back about every little thing for no reason. He quickly ran the bar over his hard-earned six packs and down to what one nigga called the best tasting dick in all of New York State. Yo, Gotti said stop by." "How that sexy lil fucka doin?It hung limp on his leg, soap and water running down its massive length. " Marcus couldn't help but smile every time he though about Deebos' little brother Gotti. Despite having big brothers blessing, Gotti wanted a nigga that was ready to settle down.Even soft it was impressive, at least six inches with a large dark brown head that gave way to a dick that most dudes Marcus encountered refused to be fucked by. Almost as impressive as his dick, they hung low between his leg at all time except right before was about to bust a nut. Marcus wanted to fuck as many niggas as possible before he committed to one.The few that did take the dick always came back for more. He liked when a nigga paid special attention to his nuts. " Marcus hated when niggas asked stupid ass questions. It would be Gotti if he waited that long, but if not, oh well. Runnin around here actin like a lil fuckin sissy cause I washed his flag wit some bleach by mistake." Deebo laughed and Marcus knew that it hadn't been a mistake. I bet it was over some ol nonsense." "Dat nigga spilled grape juice on my new white on whites." Deebo waited, knowing that there was no way that Marcus could argue. "Well, tell him I'll get him another one." "What about my sneakers? Like how could this nigga forget about my purple on white on white sneakers?Click to INCREASE Text Size Click to DECREASE Text Size The Wait by William Weaver Jr.It was a hot, hazy summer night, and the city was just waking up for Friday night.A reminder that everything can change in an instant.

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As the water runs down between his muscular shoulder blades, blazing a trail down his spine and through into the tightly clenched crack of his ass, Marcus feels the tension of the past week fade away. On his right pec, the word `MAN' written with the nipple in the center of the A and a matching diamond. `Bout to swing through the spot and see what ya'll niggas up to." "Dats what's up son.

The sudden downpour made him scramble to get underneath the shelter of a nearby bus stop.

Looking around, he saw no place to hide out until the rain passed.

And hooking him up with a bucks worth of the finest, Marcus continued on his way.

Marc was at the corner of 7th and Salina when it started to rain.

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