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KHARTOUM, Sudan (WOMENSENEWS)–For the past few years, I’ve been traveling to Sudan to either work as a journalist or as a business consultant helping develop sugar cane production or briquettes for refugees in Darfur. My friend was raised in Virginia for much of his life.

That’s how I recently found myself sitting on a makeshift couch at the family home of a friend whom I’d met through work contacts during one of my trips. In his early 30s, he decided to leave his family and go back to Khartoum, where his family was from, and to make a life.

Ngong said it was a direct violation of child marriage laws by those in power: "Anything that happens that is not in the best interest of the child is a violation.

And the constitution and child laws are very clear on that."South Sudan's Constitution states that marriage requires the "free and full consent" of those intending to marry.

Iran's telecommunications minister suggested in a tweet on Aug.

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A businessman with Sudanese roots is running for mayor in Turkey.South Sudanese human rights lawyer Phillips Ngong told CNN the assets were proposed in the context of an auction that took place in person, and the dowry amount pledged was higher than usual, which prompted a discussion on Facebook."I'm personally disappointed, and many people who know how our tradition works are most disappointed," he said. South Sudan is a country with a high level of human rights.""This is just a marriage like any other marriage.Because of that he assumed that many of his friends might not learn if their brides had been cut until their wedding night.The guys who had spent most of their lives in Khartoum said they hadn’t given the matter much thought since it was far-fetched to think about sex when, for unmarried young people, it’s a big deal just to hold hands or kiss. I have written for Women’s e News over the years about FGM, both in Sudan as well as in Europe, so I was fairly well informed.

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