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You get a vibe of how you will interact and a feel for the flow of the conversation.

I also find that it makes your in-person meeting a lot more smooth and less awkward.#6 Listen. We want to share our interesting stories and what we want and are looking for. And that doesn’t mean sitting quietly, but actually paying attention.

You cannot exactly swallow down the nerves and just go for it.

Your fears are more than not getting along, but could you also be at risk of being kidnapped and murdered?

With all the options right at your fingertips, you may keep swiping and scrolling until you find someone that ticks all your boxes. You will not find a guy that is your prince charming.

I am not telling you to settle for less than you deserve, but be realistic.

If you want to be close to home, meet at the bar around the corner or the coffee shop down the road.

Do not talk about heavy topics like politics or religion. You do not want to chat with someone for a week before you find out they have entirely different morals to you.So, if you have deal breakers, share them right out of the gate.[Read: 25 most common and biggest deal breakers for women]#12 Bring what you’ve learned, not what you’ve felt.If you don’t hook someone quick, there is no catch.And for women, it is even more difficult than that.

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