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Ultimately, this is a matter of personal preference, and you're welcome to disagree.(Though I doubt I need to tell you that ...) But let's break this down —as best as possible — to figure out which actor was better at assuming the responsibilities of Spider-Man. He has been nominated for Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe Awards and received two Saturn Awards, including one for Best Actor. While perhaps best known for his role as Peter Parker / Spider-Man in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man film trilogy (2002–2007), he has also appeared in films such as Pleasantville (1998), Ride with the Devil (1999), The Cider House Rules (1999), Wonder Boys (2000), Seabiscuit (2003), The Good German (2006), Tropic Thunder(2008), and Brothers (2009).The best thing about Tom Holland's performance is that it captures a plucky, boyish spirit that has largely been absent from the other Spider-Man movies.

Watching him grow at a more gradual-yet-skillful pace makes some of the action scenes more rewarding when we know all the hard work that went into a big punch, for example.

Thankfully, we're not quite there yet with Tom Holland, but we have seen the actor play this character five times in a four-year time span. And it makes one wonder if this version of the character will be stretched a little too thick for his own good?

Particularly since, as seen in the amusing but slighter standalone movies, the character arc feels less concise and more wide-spread. One wonders if maybe this character is losing his original purpose and what made him sing, i.e. No superhero is worth his salt if he can't hold his own in a fight, and it's critical to our appreciation of the character if he can defeat his foes.

As every high schooler knows, and hopefully every former high schooler remembers, it is never easy to balance your school life, your personal life and your other extracurricular activities.

Imagine also being Spider-Man while all this is happening?

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