Updating meade autostar 497 controller

Moving the handbox between scopes, low battery levels, obstructed or overloaded scopes can cause the failure.

updating meade autostar 497 controller-8

Press MODE to leave this message." First thing i did was replace the batteries with 10 brand new AA Energizer batteries i bought at Kroger today. I read around and found some posts on weasner that some people may have been having trouble with the cable, so i tried plugging it in with a little force behind it and now i get past the motor fault message, but it always gets stuck at the "Testing Motors" prompt, and the motors never move.Immediately after the Welcome to Autostar screen it just goes blank.However, just for grins...after i did a reset with the old HBX cable, I turned the unit off.I picked up a used Meade Autostar handset second hand from astromart from a seller with perfect feedback.As soon as i plug it into the Computer Control board with the batteries and the two motors I get the following:c07 Meade 43EA U T O S T A RPress 0 to Alignor MODE for Menu So i press MODEImmediately i get Motor Unit Fault and then a long series of messages about why i may be getting the fault."Autostar has detected a motor failure.

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