Updating squeezecenter on readynas duo

I'm still however confused how to "manage" a big library on a central disk, and shared between a number of computers.

This time Gracenote has found everything including some promo discs I have!

If you can later connect this computer to the local area network with the Ready NAS, download directly to the computer; otherwise, download the file to a portable media device such as a USB drive. In the file browser pop-up that displays, navigate to the file containing the updated firmware and select it.

Connect the computer on which you downloaded the latest firmware to the network with the Ready NAS, or if you downloaded to a USB drive, connect the USB drive to a computer on the local network. The Update Firmware pop-up screen displays the name of the selected file in the File Name field. The firmware file uploads to your Ready NAS system.

If the app you need isn’t listed, why not develop it yourself?

Because firmware is stored in read-only memory, updating the firmware requires a special process.

Updates are numbered chronologically, for example: Your Ready NAS can update the firmware by downloading the firmware automatically from the internet.

After a few moments, the Update Firmware pop-up screen displays details about the new firmware. You are prompted to reboot your Ready NAS system to complete the firmware installation. If you enabled email alerts, your Ready NAS system sends a message when the firmware update finishes.

To remotely update Ready NAS OS 6 firmware via Ready CLOUD: If you are not able to access your Ready NAS Admin Page because you are not on your local area network, and your Ready NAS is connected to Ready CLOUD, Ready CLOUD will help facilitate the firmware upgrade process.

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