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I don't think there's a lot of future in them, it's just a lot of buzz right now.Oshelt: If you have time, stop at as many small towns that you can, along the way.Also found a 1932 Canadian cent, which thrilled me more than the 1998. I'll have to get a book and start a collection of the Canadian Cents. If for no other reason, I'll have something to hnd out on Holloween. I am also keeping every copper coin that crosses my path. When I was a child my father kept a small coin collection that would be worth a fortune today.I've been paying close attention to what metals are doing.I'm looking not just for the AM varieties, I'm also searching for the double strikes and all the others. I'm beginning to think that the future of the WAM and CAM pennies are bright, from a collectors point of view. And considering also the alloy makeup of these coins, to find one in decent shape will become even more rare very quickly. I'm getting mine sealed and certified by PCGS very soon.

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It's been neglected by collectors (how many times have you heard the 'billions' argument) and most are poorly made from worn dies.

Ebay is becoming flooded with these coins for sale. Also, there are a lot of mixed reviews as to how common these coins are, or not are. I have searched over 5000 pennies since finding my 1998 Wide AM. And as such, the value will increase exponentially as years tick by.

In this search I have only found a dozen or so wheat pennies. I live in KY and I get a good mix of all mint coins here. The rarity of these coins are not yet appreciated in my opinion.

I'm in Northern Kentucky and go to Alabama and Florida a couple times a year and stop as many times as time allows. Plan your trip by getting a list of banks on the Internet of various cities close to the roads you'll be using. Don't worry; there are plenty of good finds to be had.

If you have unlimited long distance calling, call and ask 1 or 2 banks in the towns you call for what you want. There isn't that many 'NUTS' out there hunting coins.

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