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While Brandie was gone to live with her Mom, I hired a housekeeping service to keep the house clean and do my laundry, so that I didn't have to spend my weekends doing those chores.When I made the decision to get a housekeeper service, I set up a bunch of web linked spy cams, all over the house, so that every corner of every room was covered, including the bathroom and laundry room.My wife and I were both in our fifties and had been married for over twenty years.We were passionately in love with each other and had a very active sex life.As long as we were in the home alone, and didn't have visitors, or family around, Brandie was wearing some of her sexiest and sleaziest lingerie, and we had sex all over the house!

I thought the most I might ever catch her doing, was maybe using her vibrator on herself while I was away, and if I caught her at that, I intended to call her, choose that moment to talk dirty to her, and maybe have a little phone sex.Needless to say, with the stress my wife was under, and with her Mother in the house, terminally ill, my wife's sex drive on those few occasions, was nearly nonexistent.Same was true for the weekend I spent there for the funeral, about a month before my wife finally moved back home.I did call her, and we did have phone sex, which is something that my wife had almost never done the entire time that I had known her.But since I "caught her", in the act, at a particularly horny moment, she was game.

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