Were justin timberlake and cameron diaz dating during bad teacher

According to the Diaz "blew up" at Biel for flirting with Timberlake.

The two went on to have a 40-minute argument in a private room, during which he "slammed his fist into a cabinet," reported at the time. The truth is, I don't know if they can survive this." A source close to Timberlake added that he "won't marry" Biel because "he doesn't respect her anymore …

When she's not around, he'll make fun of her to his friends."" data-reactid="20"Like Diaz, Biel may have shared some of those same hurt feelings in the years since.

Timberlake has been accused of cheating on the "Total Recall" actress countless times with Kate Hudson, Olivia Munn, Rihanna, and other nameless women.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel will reportedly wed this week in southern Italy, more than five years after they first began dating.

But it hasn't always been smooth sailing for the couple.

At the 2007 Golden Globes, just weeks after Timberlake ended his four-year romance with Cameron Diaz, the new couple got a taste of their first negative press.

Although Diaz and Timberlake, then a burgeoning actor, were cordial with one another during the awards ceremony, at an afterparty thrown by Prince, the "Charlie's Angels" actress was incensed when she spotted her ex and Biel chatting in a corner — and she confronted them (very loudly) in front of the entire soiree.

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After all their ups and downs over the years, do you think Justin and Jessica have what it takes to last as a married couple?

But in July of that year, it seemed the exes were working towards reconciliation as they were spotted all over Toronto together walking hand in hand.

And over the holiday season, he proposed during their vacation in Jackson, Wyoming, with a 6-carat custom-designed ring.

Then in April 2010, he committed perhaps one of the most hurtful acts he could against Biel: he took a film role opposite his sexy ex that was hardly PG.

In "Bad Teacher," Diaz's titular character goes after Timberlake and the two even hook up in an awkward sex scene.

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