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Backdating was then carried out to give Jobs a lower share price which, on paper, made him million richer.News of the Apple backdating scandal didn’t find its way into the public consciousness until late 2006.Publicly traded companies must disclose any grants of options to directors as soon as possible.In fully listed companies that includes people discharging managerial responsibility.When these options “vest” after a period of time, the executive can sell them at the new share price.It’s a nice bonus if the company has increased in value.So the scandal and court intrigue in the US is unlikely to be repeated here because tight regulation has ensured that a backdating culture did not develop in the first place.

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Companies also have to have their own share dealing codes.

A stock option granted, for example, on the day you join the company allows you the right to buy that share at that day's price, but not until a fixed period - say a year - has elapsed.

If the price has risen in that time you can buy the share at the option price, sell it and pocket the profit.

When they do not, they simply adopt the stock exchange's own rules.

These rules say that options cannot be granted when executives have access to unpublished price-sensitive information.

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