Whitney houston dating 2016

There's no indication that other than the professional relationship that they enjoyed while making and promoting The Bodygard, any relationship existed between these two actors.

No, they have been good friends since they were kids, they grew up going to the same church in their childhood town.

She also has been organizing the album's world tour.

Given her history with former Bachelor contestants and reality stars, it will be interesting to see how well she does in the competition. She and Viall will be going on a date to a Backstreet Boys concert soon.

The album quickly filled the number 1 spot on Billboards 200 albums chart.

So Houston has been busy promoting her most recent songs.

The R&B singer chronicles the ups and downs of his life in his new memoir, Every Little Step, and he was just as candid Wednesday on The Jenny Mc Carthy Show, discussing his tumultuous marriage with Whitney Houston, his fling with Janet Jackson, his battle with addiction and almost being molested by a priest while living in foster care as a child because his mother had been busted for dealing drugs.

“He tried to fondle me and touch me in the wrong places and got his a** whipped,” Brown said.

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