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When arriving for red carpet premieres in Venice, Toronto or the UK, the two held hands — a lot longer than you would expect of a man and woman who only talk about each other as good friends and admiring co-stars.At the same time, both have been reported to be in serious relationships.“She came down the stairs and we went out to her patio and I saw her eyes, and honestly, it clicked and I went, ‘Wow,'” Cooper said at one press event. ’ and I said, ‘I’m starving,’ and we went into her kitchen for spaghetti and meatballs.” If Cooper has been grumpy recently, it could have to do with all the publicity commitments related to the film.A source told page Six, “He hates doing press, so he’s been a bit of a pill.” Cooper was especially unhappy with a Sept.Grow up bro.— Rory Danger G-O (@Lor_Ror) February 12, 2019my mom has sent me five texts about how gaga's performance of 'shallow' was "disappointing" and how she "destroyed" a "beaitful song" and one text about how she's still convinced gaga is still secretly in love with bradley cooper— John De Vore (@John De Vore) February 11, 2019Biggest takeaway from the #Golden Globes is that Lady Gaga is full on in love with Bradley Cooper and I feel like they may have had sex at some point pic.twitter.com/r22Smcn2sy— The Petty Mess (@The Petty Mess_) January 7, 2019 was filming.Turns out Howard Stern asked Gaga point-blank if things could take a turn for the romantic, and she said, "Absolutely not!Cooper has been dating Russian model Irina Shayk, the mother of his 18-month-old daughter, since 2015, according to Us Weekly.

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Of course, part of the reason why such a theory was discredited at the time was due to Cooper dating Russian model Irina Shayk, though many entertainment publications have reported over the course of the summer that the two have, in fact, now broken-up.

fandom is a very thirsty place filled with people who want Gaga and Bradley's onscreen love to be a reality, plenty of fans are wondering if there's something ~more~ going on between them.

Behold, a random sampling of thirst-tweets: You sit through 2 hours and 14 minutes of A Star is Born, watch this beautiful love story play out and yet you sit there and tell me that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper AREN’T in love?

A lot of that had to do with finding his ideal co-star, Cooper has said.

Cooper called Lady Gaga “a revelation” and said in interviews he couldn’t have made the movie without her.

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