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After spending the majority of 2015 touring and promoting Big Bang's materials for their album Made (2016), T. P was cast in the German-Chinese film Out of Control alongside Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung. While K-pop is notorious for producing highly manufactured bubblegum groups, T. P and Big Bang have been praised for their individuality and ability to fuse a pop sound with rap, R&B and dance elements. In an attempt to create their own style away from their band, the duo opted for a more hip hop sound to contrast the Big Bang's current genre at the time, electronic music, though the influence of this genre along with R&B and acoustic was acknowledged.

Additionally, Billboard noted how the song's melody "is magnetizing with its whirring synths, tribal beats, and chanting, all of which pale in comparison to the rapper’s aggressive, multi-tonal delivery of his verses," affirming that T. The duo also admitted to becoming "much more diverse [in their] attempts" to create their own style, preferring to mix several genres together in order to "bring out more of our character that we don't get to show when we're Big Bang." T. P often edits his lyrics "more than a hundred times," and draws inspirations from "things that don’t speak. P joined the Ice Bucket Challenge, an international campaign to develop medical treatment for Lou Gehrig's disease, also known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Myung-hoon then receives his mission: in order to rescue his sister and go back home to the North, he must locate and take out "Big Dipper" (Jung Ho-bin), a North Korean agent working for the opposing government faction.

Meanwhile, a power struggle ensues in North Korea with the failing health of dictator Kim Jong-il, and Myung-hoon quickly becomes a liability and must ultimately cope with Colonel Moon's treachery.

Seunghoon got a tattoo of WINNER’s logo, as well as a cosmic pattern inside the logo.

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The auction saw a sale of more than HK$ 135 million and a portion of the proceeds was donated to the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) to support emerging Asian artists.He is adopted by a South Korean couple who are actually North Korean spies and enrolls at a local high school.He gradually befriends Hye-in (Han Ye-ri), a bullied schoolgirl who shares the same name as his sister and has aspirations of becoming a professional dancer.Reportedly, Seunghoon has appeared on many famous variety shows, either with the other members of WINNER or on his own.On the other hand, Seunghoon’s discography currently only summed up his songs when he participated on .

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