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Percentage of Regulation = × 100 % Where, VO - No Load Voltage in Volts VL - Load Voltage in Volts IMPORTANT! During your study years a moratorium is placed on grown up life.And nor is it me going about leaving my knickers on rugby posts.It’s quite an honest account of me bumbling through life trying to make the best of things.’When she came to deciding how she wanted to structure .You Say, ‘not yet’ to sensibility and exhale a sigh of relief that responsibility hasn’t yet come knocking on your door. If you start work you may find yourself taking a good, hard look in the mirror and notice routine creep in.f you’re Isy Suttie the line between grown up and immaturity is a bit fuzzy and if Isy has her way it will remain like that. Now if you’re anything like Isy Suttie you’ll have had an SAS approach to dating.

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