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I quite enjoy listening to music occasionally, nothing too out of this world you understand, like rappers, heavy metal or grunge — whatever those titles are supposed to mean.

You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.I bought an Amazon Dot recently, on the recommendation of my daughter, who lives in England.It really is a wonderful piece of equipment, especially when placed in the hands of an ignorant old man like me.Virtually all the old pieces of music had wind instruments as the leading sound makers, Dave Brubeck with his clarinet, Acker Bilk with the saxophone, ‘Satchmo’ playing the cornet, it went on and on piece after piece, and it sounded wonderful after the years I had been listening to little more than guitars, basses and drums, especially as todays guitarists play little more than chords most of the time.(I know there are some truly great exceptions to this rule, but I’m sure you see what I mean.)I don’t know why this has happened, except perhaps it’s because any kid can learn a few chords, but it takes a lot of skill and much learning to play a hot cornet!

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