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I think representing who you're with and what their sex is can be so useful.I don't see any need for it to be separate, unless people are harassing my children.' And I replied, ' Fuck you -- what is your fucking problem? EDGE: What are your thoughts on personal lives being fodder for the media?Kat Cunning: As long as it can be a helpful vehicle for political progression then I'm down for my personal life to be everybody's business.With "Paramour," Cirque blends its signature style of death-defying aesthetics with a traditional Broadway presentation -- and the results are an entertaining and thrilling experience. Lee Brearley is a trampoline artist who has worked with Cirque for more than 10 years.Born in Manchester, England, he's a three-time British Men's Champion in gymnastics and Great Britain's first male representative at the Sydney Olympic Games.Reed Kelly: I've been through two public relationships, Josh and Clay.It's interesting when your personal life becomes a focus.

Originally 20 Survivors were set to compete, but two were pulled from the game before filming started due to medical reasons.

And I've had friends in different shows who worked with Russians, and they would not touch them.

So safety becomes an issue because people are supposed to touch you.

But it is an interesting challenge sometimes when [I] go in for roles, and I need to be more butch and more masculine and drop the timbre of my voice, and not articulate my Ss so severely.

Lee Brearley: I have felt discriminated against -- in circus there are people from different countries, and they will hurt you. Places like Russia: there are a lot of Russian acrobats, and they're scared to [come out].

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